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Candidate Sourcing

Are you having difficulty finding quality or quantity of applicants for all positions?
Don't have the expertise to source a unique position? 

Result: A lack of quality applicants in the pipeline to ensure that you can hire top performers whenever you need them!

We offer a valuable opportunity to companies. We become your candidate sourcing and research recruiting partner. We develop long-term relationships with our clients, who use us when they have the need to hire mid to upper level management. Some of the benefits of this relationship are: 

  • We get to know your corporate culture so we can represent you more effectively.    
  • We are able to access a more sources than you could research on your own.

  • We can supply valuable market information including salary surveys, market conditions, and organizational structures. 

Through continuous communication - even when we're not currently engaged in a search - Outlaw Group becomes an integral part of your human resources team. Then when you need to fill a position with a specific type of person, we begin . We bring you only highly qualified, individually selected prospects, and we save you significant money in the process.

Our sourcing services can help you meet the following goals and objectives:  

  • Reduce time spent on unqualified or overqualified candidates
  • Locate, attract and recruit the best talent in the market
  • Maximize recruiting dollars
  • Implement a consistent sourcing and selection process across all locations

What sets Outlaw Group apart from other sourcing companies?

  • Because we are a management consultancy we have a long-term view of candidates and understand the importance of due diligence in making hiring decisions.
  • Our quality approach and attention to details. All resumes are personally reviewed by a sourcing professional, they are not computer generated.
  • Industry competency. We specialize in sourcing Sales and Sales Support candidates across a wide-range of industries.
  • Low pricing without a membership fee.
  • Dedicated sourcers to your company.
  • Custom solutions are available for your more complex staffing concerns.