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Outlaw Group uses a holistic approach to increase our clients' productivity. Beginning with an assessment and defining the areas to develop, we identify the optimum resources to provide the greatest impact in time and resources. If needed, we form strategic partnerships to bring the "best of the best" to the client by utilizing the resources of other Certified Management Consultants and industry experts. Outlaw Group provides assistance to integrate problem identification, solution development, and implementation to increase performance. The following is a partial list of the services Outlaw Group provides.

  • Strategic Staffing Systems
  • Organization Surveys
  • Business Development Assessment
  • Sales Performance Systems
  • Customer Loyalty Systems
  • Customized Skill Development Solutions
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Executive Mentoring

Organization Surveys:  Used to pinpoint strengths and weakness and to clearly identify situations and problems. The surveys include analysis, observations and recommendation for improvement. Organizational Surveys pinpoint specific areas of need, allow the identification of ways to improve and, most importantly, measure progress in key result areas that produces great profits.

Business Development Assessment: Follows the Business Development Process to develop ways to improve or maximize results. The assessment is a detailed outside look at a company's most important process and it brings innovative "best practices" from other industries and develops an improvement plan. The in-depth look identifies overlooked opportunities and unforeseen obstacles that are inhibiting performance.

Strategic Staffing Systems: Assist organizations in obtaining the necessary "human capital" to create the success of the organization. It begins with an assessment of current hiring and retention to measure what works and to use it as a foundation to build on to create a more effective staffing system. Pre-employment assessment instruments, background checks, and support are also available.

Sales Performance Systems:  Addresses the need to expand sales to existing customers and to create new customers. The first step is to develop a clear understanding of current skills, activity levels, practices, approaches and management techniques through an assessment of the organization. Next, a Benchmark of the actions, activities, and skills required to ensure success are developed; along with the attributes of Peak Performers. The gap between performance potential and the actual performance is defined. Once there is a clear understanding of the skills needed, development of new skills in the individual areas will occur to resolve the deficiency and build on existing strengths.

Customer Loyalty Systems: Provides a clear understanding of this critical service element, factors in what customers desire and ensure it is delivered at a high level to be the foundation of the development of customer loyalty. The Critical Service Factors evaluate satisfaction with the most recent contact in the company. This ensures increased customer retention, and makes new customer acquisition easier. The systems allows you to develop and manage customer loyalty and retention to boost profits.

Customized Skill Development Solutions: Increases the skill and knowledge critical in today's fast-paced, demanding business environment. Each customized system provides a complete solution; from needs assessments, content development, instructional design, production, packaging, and implementation. In short, we identify the specific behavior that needs to change and handle the entire process; training from in-person instruction to customized web-based e-learning systems. Our systems also include evaluation and follow-up to ensure results are achieved.

Performance Management Systems: Use a proven systematic way to routinely set goals, monitor performance and give performance feedback. Customized Performance Management Systems create ways to staff, increase expectations, generate prospects, manage sales activity, increase sales skills, manage prospect development, and resolve performance problems.

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