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Customer Loyalty System

Who said “loyalty is dead” and “price is the only determination” of whether a customer buys?
 Learn what is perceived as important by customers and how to increase satisfaction to build value and increase customer loyalty to make your customer your best sales force.

Our Program: 
  • Provides a clear understanding of this critical service element, factors in what customers desire and ensure it is delivered at a high level to be the foundation of the development of customer loyalty. 

  • The Critical Service Factors evaluate satisfaction with the most recent contact in the company. 

  • Assists in increasing customer retention, and makes new customer acquisition easier. 

  • The systems allows you to develop and manage customer loyalty and retention to boost profits. 

Our Program: 

  • Through interviewing you and your customers, we determine what your customers value

  • We also determine what level of satisfaction the customers must perceive from the use of your product (or service) to cause them to do business with you rather than a competitor.

  • Next, we conduct a customer satisfaction survey to measure customer satisfaction levels and develop a benchmark that defines the skill and action that must be changed to enable reaching the benchmark

  • Periodic reassessments enable a Strategic Management approach to ensure satisfactory improvement and loyalty increases