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Development Assessment


Fully examines, from an outsider's perspective, the entire effort to sell your products to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Our Program:   

  • The assessment is a detailed outside look at a company's most important process and it brings innovative "best practices" from other industries and develops an improvement plan 
  • Assesses such areas as: Current Business Development Strategies/Objectives, Overall Performance by a group or individual, The Structure of the Business Development Organization, Style and Approach to Business Development, Development Activity (for group and individual, and levels required for success), Minimum expectations of Principals, Skill training development
  • It identifies overlooked opportunities and unforeseen obstacles that are inhibiting performance

The Process:

  • Interview key personnel by telephone

  • Administer a questionnaire to Principals to gather and analyze information regarding success levels, skills levels, factors affecting performance and activity levels

  • Analyze results to: Define Business Development Cycle, determine the prospect level or quality needed to meet minimum expectations for the group and individually, results for a typical transaction by type and factors affecting it

  • Conduct a review of written communication used with prospects

  • Identify Sales Skill Development needs for Principals and determine the best method for development  

  • Present a summary report and more