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Integrity Assessment

Every organization wants to hire employees who are honest, dependable, hard-working, and drug-free. Surveys continue to reveal that half the employees admit lying to their supervisors.
41 percent admit falsifying records

                  35 percent admit stealing from employers

                  31 percent admit abusing drugs or alcohol.

What is important is that those individuals are applying for key jobs in your organization today. American businesses suffer $40 million loss annually because of employee fraud and theft. That is $9 per employee per day.

You can reduce your risk of being a victim by assessing applicants' attitudes in the four critical areas of integrity, substance abuse, reliability, and work ethic. Screening for these attitudes will help identify candidates to eliminate behavior such as calling in sick to take an unauthorized day off, being tardy, leaving work early, taking home office supplies or company equipment, having other employees punch in and out for them, shrinkage, fraud, theft, and turnover.

Our Online Assessment Center offers you online human resource software capability with instant results in a user-friendly system. We can have you set up and trained today, and assessing candidates and employees tomorrow.

To discover a tool that will help hire employees who deliver an honest and reliable full day's work for a full day's pay, contact us today!