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Job Fit

The better job a manager and a company do in matching the individual to the position, the easier he or she will be to train, develop, and manage. They will be more productive and remain in the job longer. If it is a sales position, those who fit or match the position have significantly higher sales and lower voluntary turn-over.

Begin the process of job matching to determine "fit" by understanding the responsibilities, duties, and expected level of performance. Once you have defined the job itself, you can begin developing the hiring criteria. Once you have a list of the traits, skills, background, and experience a candidate needs to be successful it is not enough. You have to determine the candidate's "fit" for the specific position. Remember, positions, especially those such as sales and management that require human interaction, vary widely in the attitudes, values, and capabilities required for success.

Today, easy-to-administer, cost-effective instruments that can be completed in a short period of time are available to help make better hiring decisions. To learn more about the tools that help you evaluate the individual's "fit" to the job, click on the button below.

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