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Organizational Survey

Employees have a wealth of information. If properly asked and anonymity guaranteed, they will not only identify both seen and unseen problems, but will also assist the company in developing solutions. Objective, confidential surveys done by outside organizations pinpoint the organization's strengths and weaknesses, clearly identify specific situations or problems, and most importantly, spot trends that will become problems if not addressed.

Our Program:

  • Is used to pinpoint strengths and weakness to clearly identify situations and problems

  • Organizational Surveys pinpoint specific areas of need, allow the identification of ways to improve and, most importantly, measure progress in key result areas that produces great profits.

The Process:

  • Customized Survey is created and given to selected employees or employee groups
  • Tabulation and analysis of survey results is performed
  • Clear observations are provided along with recommendations for improvement.
  • Management is then asked to develop an action plan to address the concerns identified and take advantage of the strategies or information provided.
  • Additional assistance is available by Outlaw Group, if requested.

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