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Outlaw Staffing Systems

Most employers have a good staffing process already in place. The Outlaw Staffing System simply fills in the gaps in areas that could use improving. Especially in today's competitive job environment, it's critical that employers make sound hiring decisions. Hiring mistakes cause management stress, low productivity, reduced profits, and employee turn-over. Since each step can stand alone you can add whichever component you need and we can seamlessly integrate it into your existing staffing process.

Outlaw Staffing Systems- A simple process to hiring Top Performers with less stress, with less money and with results! 

Step One: Staffing System Analysis
We analyze your current system to identify the areas that need improvement and what needs to be strengthened to make it more effective and meet all legal requirements.

Step Two: Improve Staffing System
We can adapt your current system to ensure it is the most effective and productive to provide human capital needed for success.  If providing the needed tools, knowledge, skill and information to supplement your current system isn't enough or simply adapt our current system to fit your organization's needs.

Step Three: Automation of Applicant Tracking System
Using outdated and manual applicant tracking system not only takes extra time, but can cause good candidates to be lost and information required by the EEOC not to be available when needed.  We have strategic relationships with state-of-the-art cloud-based applicant management systems that enable us to customize one of their solutions to specifically fit your needs.  These systems can help solve the most difficult staffing situations with less time and effort.

Step Four: Applicant Sourcing
Typical sourcing techniques may provide an overwhelming number of applicants, but unfortunately, too few qualified candidates.  We provide specific sourcing techniques and tools to enable you to find those needed to fill each job with a person who can become a top performer.  We evaluate your current sourcing efforts and provide you wit the tools needed.  If you have unique needs or need a boost in sourcing we provide our own sourcing to supplement your own efforts.

Step Five: Identifying Top Performers and Culture Fit 
Knowing what to look for in terms of background, education experience can help sort through a sea of applications and reduce it to a more manageable number.  However, that's only the first step.  You have to know what to look for beyond the resume to spot those that can become top performers with development.  We can profile your beset performers in key jobs and develop your company's benchmark or performance model to easily segment those who can be developed into top performers from those who have less capability. Even if a person has the ability and behavior to be successful, it's critical that they "fit your culture" if they are to be a long-term contributor.  By developing a performance model for each position and culture model of the organization you will not not only improve individual productivity, but also increase organizational effectiveness and tenure.

Step Six: Uncovering the Real Candidate
The time managers spend selecting team members is possibly the most valuable time they can spend.  Many managers feel they have excellent interviewing skills; however, in today's current economic climate, the applicant may have more practice on how to avoid given negative answers and cover up shortcomings than the manager has in uncovering them.  We provide not just Structured Screening Questions and In-Depth Interview Guides to fit the position but we have a variety of tools to increase both productivity and effectiveness.  Our VideoView allows the manager to set up a series of structured questions and have candidates throughout the country respond to those questions using their computer and a web camera.  Interviews are recorded and available fro the manager to review at his or her leisure.  We provide the tools and skill development to enable a manager to discern the real quality of the candidate.

Step Seven: Verifying Skills
It can be a very disappointing experience to see the actual skill the new hire has with software or particular task compared to what's claimed during the interview.  Prior to hiring someone we enable you to check the applicant's true "current" ability and validate what's claimed on the resume and in the interview.  We provide skills testing in hundreds of different skills and knowledge areas, such as software, administration, accounting, typing, legal, medical, food service, retail sales and very importantly, IT.

Step Eight: Criminal Background Investigations
Don't become your candidate's next victim!  Our criminal background checks are a cost-effective, thorough way to protect yourself and your company from hiring negligence.  Unlike most companies, we provide arrest records, misdemeanors, and felony convictions.  We also screen your candidates against the National Sex Offenders Registry, Terrorist Watch list and provide a complete address history.  We also have access to over 4.1 million criminal photos.  What happens in Vegas doesn't have to stay there.

Step Nine: Reference Checking
The last step is one of the most important ones.  Knowing the performance of the individual and conditions under which he or she performed in previous jobs is critical in not only validating the candidate claims, but also in predicting future success.  We not only provide structured questions to uncover the information you really need to know but, if needed, we can check the references for you.  Using an objective and skilled resource, many times uncovers facts and situations, which if missed, can be an indication of a future problem and will enable the organization to make a better hiring decision.

Step Ten: Managing Staffing
To grow company and to ensure its success requires more than just one great hire.  Many organizations use a tactical approach of simply filling a position.  However, if a company's people or its human capital is its greatest resource, then the company can take a "strategic approach" to managing this vital resource.  The organization's ability to hire and keep top performers requires analyzing past trends and forecasting future staffing needs, just as you would its cash flow. No organization can be successful if it runs out of cash or does not have human capital to meet its needs. We provide our clients with annual staffing reviews to ensure they not only will have  the people needed in the positions, but we are constantly improving their acquisition and retention of human capital.