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Re$ults $elling

Overcome Sales Resistance  & Leave Your Competition in the Dust!

It is imperative for organizations to find ways to streamline the sales process, shorten sales cycles and increase close rates. With Re$ult$$elling you'll learn innovative techniques which combine high touch relationship building, digital communication, and a consulting selling approach. Re$ult$Selling shows how to define and communicate compelling results providing the value necessary to motivate positive action on your sales offer. It will show how you can overcome the real competitors for corporate and personal resources, beyond your traditional competition.

Ideal Audience

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners 

  • Marketing Executives 

  • Sales Executives

  • Sales Managers

  • Sales people 

  • Call on the "C" level officers for approvals at the highest level
  • Learn what motivates prospects at Executive, Middle Management, and Supervisory levels
  • Discover who your real competitors are
  • Determine what customers really want from a purchase decision
  • Identify both the "apparent" and the "true" decision maker
  • Learn probing skills that can open up difficult prospects
  • Recognize hidden competition for the organization's funds and resources
  • Know the decision-making criteria, structure, and process necessary to close accounts
  • Why seemingly qualified prospects procrastinate or fail to make decisions
  • Ways to overcome "stalls" that stretch the sales cycle
  • Build a broad base of support needed due to frequent organizational changes
  • Learn ways to get your project, or product, higher on the "Priority List" of scarce funds
  • Uncover the "real" reason prospects aren't buying
  • Create compelling logic in the prospect's mind to motivate a close
  • Avoid the "give me a proposal" or "RFP Trap" / How to prepare and present if you must
  • Construct an internal account selling team in the prospect's organization

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