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Winning the Value Battle


 Are prospects pressuring you to drop your price,  
reducing your margins and commission checks?

How much commission do you lose
when a prospect pressures
  you to lower your price?

Finally a powerful, practical, and proven system that will help you improve your sales volume, margins, and income!


Everyone complains about price competition and finally there is a solution that teaches you "how to sell against a cheaper price" and defend yourself against cheaper competition.

 For only $14.95 you will get powerful tactics and practical strategies to improve your selling approach to not just overcome price objections, but to also eliminate them from occurring.  

"Winning the Value Battle: Selling Against a Cheaper Price to Improve Your Margins and Income" helped get my salespeople on track. After just a few days of implementing Wayne's strategies, our company was off and running to a more profitable future!"
Emanuel Stikas, President
Southeastern Marketing
It doesn't just address how to respond when a prospect utters those infamous words -  
  •        "I can get it cheaper elsewhere,"
  •        "That price seems high to me,"
  •        "Can't you do any better?"
It provides strategies and tactics to prevent that from ever happening.
"Mr. Outlaw did a fantastic job presenting strategies on how to sell against a cheaper price."
Williams B. Gore
Gore Trailer Manufacturing

For less than the price of a lunch, you get:    
  •   How to respond when prospect pressure for discounts
  •   Three Variations of price objection and how to stop them
  •   The only "true or real" price objection
  •   Separating negtiation ploys from price objections
  •   28 questions to uncover the real need or reason the prospect should buy
  •   Ways to build a compelling case your product or service is worth whatever price you ask
  • How overcoming price objections are different between capital and reoccuring purchases
  • Get 5 defensive strategies to protect your sales when everything else has failed
 "Winning the Value Battle: Selling Against a Cheaper Price and Improve Your Margins and Increase Income" is available as a dowloadable PDF for $14.95. It is also available in a CD-ROM format for $16.96 plus shipping and handling.  It covers 14 chapters of tips, techniques, and tactics on how to become outrageously successful combating the most difficult problem in sales...price resistence and discounting. 
 It's easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-follow strategies and tactics to defuse price objections and overcome the objections as they are presented by the prospect, will develop confidence in selling against price. This e-book offers a wealth of tools, skills, and knowledge, as well as actionable plans guaranteed to produce results in less than 29 days. 
In fact, in one short month of applying these powerful strategies, techniques, and skills you will improve your margins and your paycheck. More importantly you will experience the confidence that comes from knowing you are skilled to handle the most difficult problem in sales.